When it comes to understanding the structure of complex mechanical, biological, or other systems, the text surrounding it is not sufficient. With the onset of STEM Education, we need to realize that what we call the revolution in learning and pedagogy is more of an interaction and problem solving based…

Issue Summary

From 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM, Company X experienced an outage on Cloud X that affected https://twitter.com/home due to a prescheduled reboot that ended in failure. The points of failure are coming from the rebooting of the load balancer or cache server. The Security Team issued a maintenance update and…

When we are navigating in the internet we type names to get web pages, we simply type an address and our screen changes to display data contained in a page but most of the people navigating don’t know the process behind of getting a web page.

To understand what is…

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (or IoT for short) is the network for many forms of items in our lives that have connectivity implanted in them to collect and share data in order to make them “smart” (like your smart TV). …

In programming we many concepts,but today we will learn about “Recursion”,but first let’s talk about function call or function invocation

Function call or fucntion invocation

When we call a function, an execution contexte gets placed on the execution stack.

What is a stack?

A stack is a type of data structure in programming language that operates on a “Last…

In Python and other Object-Oriented languages, classes are considered the blueprint to creating objects. An instance is a copy of the class with actual values.

To define a class in Python3, you can do the following:

I wish my life was an object

Python is a wonderful language, but coming from C, one might be a little confused as to what objects actually do. What is or isn’t an object? There are object types, object ids, mutable objects, immutable objects — it can be overwhelming. …

Hello everyone,so today we are going to learn about static libraries,why use a libraries,how they work,how to create them and how to use them in your code.We will some differents example,but before that,let’s talk a little bit history.

Mike Mbea

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